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Freedom Offshore and our vision for you

Self Sufficiency

Step 1 to complete freedom is learning self sufficiency. You can’t ever be free if you can’t be responsible for yourself.

Financial Freedom

If you are a slave to debt or paycheck, you’re not free. Discover how to never worry about finances again.

Location Independence

Live anywhere in the world you want. Whether you want to lay your hat in one place, or never settle, location independence gives you that freedom.

Reclaim Your Freedom and Privacy With The Freedom Offshore Podcast

Discover Real Actionable Steps to Finding Freedom, Privacy, Location Independence, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Living and Working Abroad and More.


Experts Who've Discovered Freedom

Learn from experts who are living the life you want to live.


Special Guests

Listen to special guest interviews with experts in bitcoin, gold, living abroad, and many other freedom and privacy related topics.


Listen Anywhere

Listen on your computer, phone, tablet, in your car, on the beach in the office, or wherever you happen to be.

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Information, Education and Assistance With



  • Location Independence

  • Offshore Businesses

  • Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

  • Digital Security and Encryption



  • Residency

  • Citizenship

  • Banking

  • Investing



  • Asset Protection

  • Trusts & Foundations

  • Estate Planning

  • Precious Metals


Countries in the World

Million Americans Living Abroad

Million Bitcoins in Circulation

Thousand Successful ECommerce Stores


6 Flags Theory for Maximum Freedom


Second (or Third) Passport

Get citizenship in a country that only taxes residents.


Setup residency in a no or low tax jurisdiction.

Offshore Business

Own a business that doesn’t tax foreign income.


Keep important assets like your bank accounts where they are safe from theft, lawsuits, and confiscation.

Physical Location

Where do you want to live, work, and play? This should be anywhere you want as long as it is compatible with the other flags.

Cyberspace and Data Security

Online businesses, record keeping, banking, and more all have to be secure if you want total privacy and freedom.

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